Fenwick Football Club 


Ben Russel - Forward
Ben Russel has played for Coach Case for two years now, having first joined forces in Greenville AYSO®©.  Ben had not played much soccer, but he immediately made an impact with his toughness, athleticism, and excellent work ethic.  His improvement was quick and impressive.  He became a scoring machine, and in his last season with Coach Case Ben averaged over four goals per game for the season - a remarkable feat at any level.
Ben is more than just an excellent player.  As Coach Case put it, "He's a great character guy.  He's the kind of player you want other players to be around.  He's very much about the team, and he'll do what it takes to make the team better.  He sets a good example for his teammates, and they respect him for it."
Apart from his success on the pitch, Ben is also an excellent student.  His willingness to study does, however, spill over on to the soccer field.  Ben has a good understanding of the game, and he studies it every chance he gets.  "He never has a shortage of questions." said Coach Case.  "I love that.  He wants to improve.  He wants to know more.  He certainly has a future as a coach if he should choose to go down that road.  He has the mind and the attitude for it."
We hope you will come out to a game in the spring and watch Ben and his Knights teammates.  I know they would love to have you there.