Fenwick Football Club 


Alex Martin - Midfield
Alex Martin has played for Coach Case for three years, and in addition to being a member of the FFC Club team, he is also a member of the FFC Tournament Only Team.  Alex first played for Coach Case in Greenville AYSO®©.  From the beginning Alex displayed a calmness on the ball that helped him to become a dominant player in the middle of the field.  His excellent ball control, coupled with his high level of fitness, has helped him become a true box to box player who can both defend and attack with equal proficiency.  It is his poise under pressure, however, that sets him apart.  "Alex is very calm on the ball," said Coach Case, "and he never looks like he's working hard.  He makes it looks effortless, but I know how hard he works.  I'm in the weight room with him and his teammates in the early morning before school.  I see the dedication.  When he's on the field, however, he just seems to glide through traffic.  He has the vision to find the open man to continue the attack, and the intelligence to pull it back and play for possession when the defense has the lanes covered.  He just has that ability."
We hope you will come out to a game in the Spring and watch Alex and his Knights teammates.  I know they would love to have you there.