Our Vision


We will provide the youth of Montcalm and Ionia Counties with an opportunity to play soccer in a highly competitive environment, where their skills and understanding of the game will be enhanced, and their love of the game will be nurtured.  Our players will have an experience that serves more than just a desire to play soccer.  Players will be provided with mentorship, coaching and caring that will serve them well beyond their years on the soccer field.  We will accomplish by providing an environment that encourages connection and community.  We will serve the community by serving its future generations.


The FCC Club teams are part of a competitive league.  Though still highly focused on player development, it is not an "everybody plays" league.  Roster spots are earned through tryouts, and playing time is earned through hard work and consistent development.  It is a system that requires a bit more dedication than more recreational systems, such as our Academy


Though the FCC Club is certainly a more demanding environment, the key principles found in the Academy program are still at the heart of the Club-level teams as well.  We believe in teaching, mentoring, and encouraging our players.  Every player will have a number, but no player will ever be a number in our system.


Just as you will find in our Academy program, FCC is a place where strong bonds are made, community is encouraged, and licensed, trained coaches mentor and teach players the skills that can help them to be successful both on and off the field.  The FCC Club program promotes,

  • Fun -  Though this is a competitive league, meaning that the athletes must earn a roster spot through tryouts, it is not a cut-throat, win at all cost environment.  Winning is important, and we compete to win - but winning is not everything, and our record will never define our players.  We coach kids, and their experience and development is our highest priority.  With hard work, there will be trophies - but it's not all about the trophies.  This program is about helping young kids fall in love with a great game - the Beautiful Game, as it is called, and to do so within a community oriented program.

  • Community - FCC  is supported by the community, and it is our desire to be present in the community.  We want our players to feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, and we endeavor to see a two-way engagement between community organizations and the teams.  Making the team means more than practicing and playing games.  It means walking in parades and doing service projects inside the community that gives so much so that we are able to compete.  It means being present and visible.

  • Foundation - Soccer is a sport, and it is important that, in the midst of the fun, the players be given the beginnings of a solid foundation in athletic training.  FCC  prepares athletes for the demands of competition, but in an environment where fun is emphasized.  In order to progress in any endeavor there must be some effort invested, but there is no rule that says the effort cannot be enjoyable.  We can't make all of the work fun, but it is one of our priorities to make the process as engaging and enjoyable as possible.  In the end, however, it is about preparing the athletes to perform safely and effectively.  These athletes may decide one day to pursue another sport, and if they do we hope that the athletic foundation they received at FCC  will serve them well as they head down that path.

  • Life Skills - Athletics provides more than just physical benefits.  FCC 's trained coaches seek to instill in our players the benefits of teamwork, selflessness, discipline, and perseverance.  Even if they do not pursue athletics beyond FCC  the skills they learn here will serve them well in any field they should choose.

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